Waku Waku

Opening Reception

Oct 15 2021

6:00 pm

Waku Waku

Oct 15 2021 - Nov 11 2021

A Solo Exhibition featuring the paintings of Tadashi Hayakawa
October 15 – November 11, 2021

To watch artist Tadashi Hayakawa in action, painting his bold, energetic abstracts you would not immediately realize that he is acutely aware of his own aging. Having experienced a premonition in 2006 about his own death, he peppers into casual conversation how he is­ not long for this world. In stark contrast to these comments (that he has been making for many years, by the way) he sits and stands and bends his elderly frame over the canvas with deliberation and focus, all while chatting up his audience, charming them with his friendly nature and spiritual presence. In this, his 80th year, he has created a new body of work that is a celebration of his creativity and life. Waku Waku (My Heart is Beating with Excitement) runs October 15 through November 11, 2021 at Bitfactory Gallery 851 Santa Fe Drive. The public is invited to an Opening Reception on Friday, October 15 from 6-9 pm, First Friday Art Walk on November 5, 6-10 pm and to visit during regular gallery hours, Tuesdays through Saturdays 11 am to 4 pm for the run of the show. Work can also be viewed and purchased online at www.bitfactory.net.

Hayakawa’s works are deeply visceral. His abstract compositions come alive in a tumultuous uproar of movement and color, revealing the joy and excitement of his painting process within each brushstroke. Each canvas is a source of bliss, both to the artist and the viewer.

“It’s very exciting to be alive and able to do this exhibition, I didn’t believe I would be alive to see my 80th birthday. I hope people will see and feel the Waku Waku for life and art that I felt as I created these works. Also, it’s exciting to find Bitfactory. I like that Bill is doing shows and working with artists that other galleries may not accept. I love that he helps the unknown artists along with the established artists. I’m excited about the future with Bitfactory. And Bill is so good to the artists – only taking 30% commission. I am also excited to actually be present in the gallery every day when the gallery is open during my exhibition. I like to meet and talk to people.”

Tadashi Hayakawa was born in Tokyo, Japan and as a young child studied with prominent contemporary artist/teacher Toshiyuki Tonaka. He came to the USA in 1961 where he studied at Los Angeles City College, later receiving his MFA at Otis Art Institute. After becoming a U.S. Citizen in 1971 he made his living in commercial graphics until at age 50, Hayakawa felt something missing in his life spiritually. So, he returned to fine art, dedicating himself completely to exploring the transcendent concepts of being human. Since then, he has been in 28 solo exhibitions and group shows in the U.S.A, Japan, Korea, Mexico, and Thailand. He has been creating art for over 70 years and is profoundly grateful to be an artist and mentor to other artists. Hayakawa lives and works in Parker, Colorado where he facilitates (very affordable) artist workshops as a way to pay forward the good fortune and support he has received. With a desire to make art accessible to all (and Thomason’s confidence that he will remain very much alive), he is scheduled for a 2023 show at Bitfactory at which he will offer a selection of very affordable works of art.

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