Up Close

Opening Reception

Nov 16 2018

1:00 am

Up Close

Nov 16 2018 - Jan 10 2019

A Two Person Exhibition featuring the work of:
Tommy Nahulu
W. Max Thomason

Nov 16, 2018 – Jan 10, 2019

Opening Reception:
November 16, 2018
6 p.m. – 10 p.m.

Up Close is a two-artist exhibition with a focus on Figurative Art. Both artist paint from imagery and experiences in their lives.Nahulu is making the transition from doing large murals as a street artist to the realm of canvas and fine art. Being heavily influence by his Hawaiian roots and his love of nature. Thomason tends to paint almost vignettes of daily life, what he sees and experiences, with, at times, a tongue in cheek sense of humor.

Tommy Nahulu – is best known for his significant murals that can be found from Hawai’i to Colorado. Musicians, writers, a love for nature, and his Hawaiian roots are the inspiration for many of the subjects in his paintings. His Student Mural Workshops, a special art project he helped create, began with his passion for making sure young hearts and minds had access to art. They have become lasting works of art with a permanent home in schools around Denver and on Maui. As Tommy continues to drive his artistic spirit forward to create work that celebrates his lust for life in a beautiful world, he brings with him all he learned, all he loves, and all his hopes to make our days ahead better.

W. Max Thomason – is a Denver based artist that works in the natural-realism, abstract and sometimes pop genres. Max studied at Community College of Denver/Metropolitan State University/University of Colorado Denver from 1990-1997 under Amy Métier and Robert Mangold.

He has participated in multiple group and solo exhibits to date across the US, Austria and Germany. His artwork has also been used as album covers for the Carolyn’s Mother album Fridays and Other Small Tragedies, and for the upcoming single Boys Like Me and two albums Recovered and Recovering by Mike River.

Opening Reception will be on Third Friday, November 16th and the exhibition runs through Thursday, January 10th.

Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m., and by appointment. For additional information please contact Bill Thomason at info@bitfactory.net or (303) 862-9367.