Raven Rohrig

Raven Rohrig

Raven creates art for human connection – connection with self, connection with collectors, and the sense of connection viewers experience when they see glimmers of themselves represented in her art. Raven’s art is borne from the intersections of a white, cisgender, pleasure and kink positive, queer woman living in the urban center of Denver, Colorado.

In a society that values endless individual sacrifice to the extent of the loss of self, Raven’s artwork encourages exploring identity, living authentically, and pursuing pleasure as acts of unapologetic self care. Her pieces challenge viewers to explore and honor their own deepest expressions of self and pleasure, and her work provides an opportunity for folks to surround themselves with art through which they feel seen and uplifted.

As things which were once shrouded in shame are now honored in the light of authenticity, self-love and creative expression, Raven’s process of creating is one through which she feels a sense of grounding and a sigh of relief.

The artistic process provides a lifeline of self-expression and discovery which contributes directly to Raven’s quality of life and a sense of her life’s purpose. Raven’s art unapologetically shares her own journey toward self-affirmation and discovering and honoring her own humanity and sexuality.

Raven’s process doesn’t stop when a piece is memorialized as framed artwork. Through gallery appearances, pop up shows and markets, open studio moments, and interacting with buyers online, Raven thrives at the intersection of art and human connection. In moments of connection with collectors, artists, and viewers, Raven witnesses her work move beyond her vision into an extension or reflection of somebody else’s story. It was Raven’s story which created each piece, but where each piece meets its forever home or a moment with a viewer, that person’s story takes over and forever changes the art’s meaning.

Often influenced by her life’s moments, Raven’s art is ever evolving. Her practice currently centers two contemporary bodies of work: “Intrinsic Illustrations,” and “The Wisdom of Women,” each described below.

“Intrinsic Illustrations” consist of intuitive, ink illustrations on paper leveraging fine line details, pointillism, illustrative techniques, and mixed media depicting figurative human, fauna, and flora elements. “The Wisdom of Women” consists of mixed media figurative portraiture incorporating watercolor, gouache, acrylic, found objects, embroidery, and experimental treatments on paper and canvas.

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