Pixie Glore

The world is infinite to the eye of an artist.  Hopefully I can give the viewer a small taste of the immense beauty I see in the world and in my travels.  I love color and happy paintings that lift the spirit of us all to a higher threshold.  I look for beauty in everything from the smallest seashell to an expansive landscape, from the bends of a flower petal to the line of a delicate figure.  Adventure  travel and art combine in my work, producing a new narrative in step with our times, yet timeless.  (Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Fiji, Tahiti, Soloman Islands,   Philippines, Irian Jaya, Mexico, Panama, Africa, Ecuador, China, Japan, Thailand,   Morocco, Istanbul, and Europe including Southern France 2003-2004,2006. I lived 15 years in Marbella, Spain, now home is a mountain cabin in Colorado, USA)

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