Lydia Riegle

Curious by nature, I am fascinated with outcomes from using different materials and tools. I believe that the creative process is an encounter with the unknown, opening a door to intimacy with new ways of seeing to make something both beautiful and challenging.  Stepping into a process of discovery, I know that chance, confidence, the imprint of tools and materials, and maintaining an open mind will lead me into new territory – something beyond what is known. Each piece of work embodies an open question, living into the answer of this moment.  Throughout it all, I am intimate with the discovery process and the beauty of the outcome.


Lydia Riegle is a painter and printmaker who lives, works, and exhibits in Denver. Her distinctive personal style shows strong physical mark making and expressive coloration resulting in images with a vibrant presence. She continually pushes boundaries to bring realization to her internal creative imaginary. She is a recipient of numerous awards and has shown extensively in the Denver area. Her distinctive images have been utilized for marketing efforts showcasing the diversity of talent that is Colorado.  Her work can be found in the homes of private collectors and corporations.

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