Emit, for those few that don’t know, has been around, painting and switching’ up styles, since the late 80’s. Emit started off mainly doing illegal art in CT, NY, and DC learning the foundation of graffiti style and history mostly from NY writers. A couple years later, he pioneered the DF crew with fellow artist Sub, and received a tremendous amount of attention, both individually and collaboratively, for his vibrant large-scale works and productions, with his trademark clean, metropolitan b-boy style; always legible, always packed to the brim with texture and detail, and always clean enough to eat off of. Moving to the midwest in 1995, Emit Jumped into Denver’s scene painting with renowned locals from both RTD and SWS crews, and could be found on fr8’s, under bridges as well as on the street continuing to develop his style. Emit’s love for large scale productions helped motivate Denver’s street art and graffiti scene while creating some of Denvers most recognized productions along with fellow DF member Tuke.

In 1999 Emit joined up with ex professional snowboarder and dj/promoter Steve Blakley to co-found The Firm Graphics. This edgy design firm has been doing work for the entertainment industry for the past 20 years. The Firm aided in the production of the first DF crew coffee table book “Idiots on Parade”.  Collectively, DF artists have had work in over 100 gallery and museum shows all over the world, and many have used their graffiti backgrounds to branch off into every facet of art and design. Emit and The Firm Graphics have garnered international acclaim for their progressive and distinctive design work within the electronic music and entertainment industry, as well as DF crew gaining world wide recognition for their creative and innovative graffiti styles…

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