David Eichler

David Eichler

Not yet diagnosed as being Bipolar, in my earliest years behind the camera I taught myself how to see subjects, compositions and colors.  I became a good photographer but didn’t yet grasp that the definition of great photography is light frozen in time. My challenge, which took decades to overcome, was learning to appreciate the light in my own life.

With treatment I came to realize, both as a person and artist, that the act of seeing light can push away the darkness I battle most days.  Viewing the world through a camera helps me find relief. Every image is a reminder that the beauty of the world can be mine to enjoy too.

I now understand my “specialty” isn’t wildlife, landscape or street photography. It’s helping people find refuge from their own darkness, if even for a second, simply by appreciating light.  I crop pictures very closely so viewers can see precisely what and how I did, the moment I pressed the shutter. Whether in black & white or color, I like to print through a process called dye sublimation on aluminum. I believe that medium best captures the power of light, enabling me to accomplish my mission of helping others, and myself.

40 years after I first picked up a camera, looking through the lens still feels like magic. After sharing pictures for people’s enjoyment for all those years, in late 2018 I finally decided to start selling them. After spending six months editing more than 160,000 photos, you can find 900+ of my favorites on my site I’m so proud that galleries in Colorado, North Carolina, Kentucky, Oregon, New York and Florida invited me to exhibit my work 10 times in 2019 and even more grateful to the collectors who have been kind enough to purchase my images for their homes, offices and as gifts.

I hope some of these help you find your light as well.


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