Feb 19 2021


Feb 19 2021 - Mar 11 2021

In conjunction with the Month of Photography Denver (MoP)
A Group Photography Exhibition featuring the works of: David Eichler, Jeremy Patlen, Bailey Russel, Lea Wagner

Bitfactory Gallery is proud to participate in Denver’s Month of Photography (MoP) with a new exhibit entitled Urbane, presenting photographic interpretations of urban cityscapes. Works include polished, sophisticated impressions of city life as well as scenes viewed through a gritter lens by Denver artists David Eichler, Jeremy Patlen, Lea Wagner, and Bailey Russel of Wyoming who will be showing at Bitfactory for the first time. The public is invited to view and purchase work Tuesday through Thursday, 11am-3pm, February 19 through March 11. There will be no opening reception, but the gallery will also be open to visitors on First Friday March 5, 6-9 pm. Due to COVID restrictions masks are required and social distancing is encouraged.

David Eichler’s goal with his photographs is to help people find refuge from their own internal darkness, if even for a second, simply by appreciating light. He crops pictures very closely so viewers can see precisely what and how he did, the moment he pressed the shutter. His final images, whether in black and white or color are printed on aluminum using a process called dye sublimation. He finds that this medium best captures the power of light, enabling him to accomplish my mission of helping others, and myself. After 40 years of making photographs, he only recently began selling his work and is proud to be featured in galleries in Colorado, North Carolina, Kentucky, Oregon, New York, and Florida.

Jeremy Patlen’s landscape photographs lure the viewer in with an intoxicating, almost unattainable sense of space and time. The images look at once familiar and yet, at the same time, eerily out of reach. With vanishing horizons that only hint at the presence of mankind, one cannot help but long for a moment of solitude in his images and instantly mourn their disappearing reality.

Wyoming based artist Bailey Russel’s photographic work draws its meaning from the interaction between subject and process He is very interested in the history of photographic processes and how each one can impart specific meaning to a captured image. Having spent the last fifteen years learning an array of techniques, he applies them to the landscape directly around him, utilizing everything from traditional film and digitally produced images to wet plate collodion to cyanotypes to large scale camera obscura work. Each one takes a facet of the landscape and attempts to highlight and illustrate it in a particular way.

Lea Wagner immerses herself in creating photographs and other art as a way to practice being present, allowing her to expand her sense of awareness. She strives to make the ordinary extraordinary and to look at the mundane realities of life with a sense of wonder. My photos reflect my painting style, utilizing soft light and a shallow depth of field. With her most recent series exploring the possibilities of photography with a macro lens and taking a closer look at the relationship between natural and man-made elements throughout her northwest Denver neighborhood.

The Month of Photography Denver (MoP) is a biennial festival that celebrates the art of photography through public exhibitions and events across the region. During March 2021 galleries, museums and other spaces throughout Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, and other areas will be participating. Full exhibition and events schedule at denvermop.org

Bitfactory Gallery, located at 851 N Santa Fe Drive in the heart of Denver’s Art District on Santa Fe, exhibits work by the best emerging and up-and-coming local, national, and international visual artists. It strives to showcase art that may not be a good fit for other galleries. Additionally, they host one major or renowned artist a year, bringing new and exciting work to Denver. The Bitfactory building also houses artist studios with the vision of providing a helpful, friendly atmosphere for artists to work solo or collaborate with others as well as the Garage at Bitfactory. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m., and by appointment. For additional information please contact Bill Thomason at info@bitfactory.net or (303) 862-9367. www.bitfactory.net