Cyncie Winter

The natural world is deeply beautiful and nurturing to me.  The cycle of seasons, the changing color and shape of clouds, the grasses moving in the wind, the rush of water, reflecting shadow and light can provide us with lessons that guide us on our journey through life. All these symbolic themes, these sights, these experiences become subject matter for my abstract work.

To capture the connection I feel with nature, I work intuitively, through thoughtful selection of color and gestural movement in applying paint.  I pour liquid acrylics on gallery-wrap canvas with deep edges, coaxing paint to form intentional pools of color, juxtaposing light and dark areas, to invoke an appreciation for the beauty of our world, and all that is luminous and hopeful. The many expressions of these experiences can be found in my multiple series: How the Light Gets In; Fire in the Heart; Shining Earth; and Presence.

In the act of painting, I find that I enter a dimension, where time and the world disappear.  As Paul Klee says, “Everything vanishes around me, and works are born as if out of the void.  Ripe, graphic fruits fall off. My hand has become the obedient instrument of a remote will.”

In this kind of space, a soulful dialogue between myself as the painter and the painting emerges, which honors the ultimate integrity of the creative act.


Cyncie Winter has taken deep joy in painting all her life, working with our connection with the natural world and the beauty and light that emanates from it to guide us in our lives.  As an abstract artist, Cyncie paints intuitively, weaving together color, gesture, and poetry, to engage in questions meant to expand our personal growth: What would it be like to live Beyond Worlds?  To go beyond the limitations of our thinking and beliefs?  To enlarge to our fullest potential?  To expand beyond our horizons again and again?

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